Line 6 Relay G50 Digital Wireless Guitar System Wireless Freedom, Cable-grade Sound!

14,500 THB ฿ 14,500

Line 6 Relay G30 Digital Wireless Guitar System Affordable Wireless That Sounds as Good as a Cable!

8,900 THB ฿ 8,900

Line 6 Relay G10T for Spider V just plug-and-play simplicity. You don’t even need to mess with batteries, thanks to its built-in Li-ion battery. And since you get up to eight hours of run time with 200 hours of standby time, you don’t need to panic about charging your Relay G10T mid show.

3,900 THB ฿ 3,900

line 6 relay g10 The Line 6 Relay G10 wireless system provides you with an extremely affordable and reliable way to cut the cord between your axe and your amp. Ideal for guitar, bass, and any other instrument with a high-impedance output, this digital wireless system connects your gear up to 50′ away via frequency-agile, multiple-redundant, 24-bit digital audio.

7,900 THB ฿ 7,900