Mooer Tube Engine Tube Power Amp Mooer also look set to venture into the world of amplification, with the Tube Engine Power Amp and 1×12 cab! These are designed to be clear and transparent, providing the perfect full-power platform for any of the Mooer Preamp gear. The Tube Engine head boasts 20-watts of valve power; it’s a stripped-down setup, with a hi/lo impedance switch as well as master volume & presence controls.

THB 9,500 ฿ 9,500

Mooer The Hornet ( with Bluetooth ) * 9 high quality digital amp models * Modulation, delay and reverb effects with independent tap tempo * Store and recall up to 9 user presets * Precision instrument tuner * 2 operation modes LIVE/PRESET * Wireless Bluetooth connectivity and AUX IN for audio playback from an external device

THB 3,900 ฿ 3,900

Mooer Little Tank D15 25 high quality digital amp models,20 cabinet models,10 modulation effects, 5 different Delay types,6 different Reverb types

THB 6,900 ฿ 6,900

Mooer GC112-V30 Guitar Cabinet with Celestion V30 Powerful & Dynamic Celestion Vintage 30 Speaker 60 Watts of Output, Ideal for Variety of Venues Produces Warm Lows, Rich Mids, & Detailed Highs Closed Back Design Enhances Frontal Projection Birch Plywood Construction, 8 Ohm Impedance

THB 9,900 ฿ 9,900