Speaker Simulator

The Red Box 5 is the latest version of the award winning speaker simulation, now with new filtering options for small/large housings, modern/vintage speakers, and loose/tight response of the cabinet.

THB 4,800 ฿ 4,800
THB 4,080 ฿ 4,080 -15%

The RockBoard® MOD 5 Cab SIM DI Patchbay offers customizable, IR-based stereo speaker cabinet simulation, an active DI box, as well as a simple solution to organize all the connections to and from your effects setup.

THB 7,000 ฿ 7,000
THB 6,300 ฿ 6,300 -10%

Two Notes Audio Engineering, creator of the world’s best speaker cabinet simulation, has bridged a new technological gap with the Torpedo Reload, your new high-end device for silent playing and reamplification.

THB 23,900 ฿ 23,900

This is a Digital Loadbox That is, a combination of an analog REACTIVE 100W RMS loadbox and a powerful 32-bit DSP. The Torpedo Live was directly inspired by the critically acclaimed Torpedo VB-101, the first-ever digital loadbox to have hit the market.

THB 29,900 ฿ 29,900

Torpedo Captor X is a compact reactive load box, tube amp attenuator, miked cab simulator, IR loader and stereo expander for home, live and studio use.

THB 17,900 ฿ 17,900