Cuvave - Tuner

This PRECISION TUNER is a high precision chromatic tuner. Its wide range frecuncy design is suitable for such as 6 strings bass and 12 strings guitar and most musical instrument.

THB 1,000 ฿ 1,000


C10 Pedal Tuner Innovative mini pedal tuner, unbelievable Small Size HD LED Display Mute tuning

THB 1,000 ฿ 1,000


It's Chromatic tuning mode allows a wide range of tuning options. The LED display gives you a clearer tuning view. It has Flat tuning and A4 range. It's True Bypass Circuitry to allow you to quickly switch the signal in and out without latency or loss of tone. It has a bonus feature that if no signal is present for 5 minutes, it will shut-off automatically.

THB 1,080 ฿ 1,080

ST-300 Mini

The Sonic Research Turbo Tuner ST 200 is a strobe-tuner in mini-pedal format. It has the same features as its big brother, the Sonic Research ST-300.

THB 5,500 ฿ 5,500
THB 4,950 ฿ 4,950 -10%

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