Electronic Drums


Hi-End Sound Quality Electronic Drum Set with 431 High Quality Sounds

THB 11,900 ฿ 11,900


Digital Drum Kit

THB 14,990 ฿ 14,990


Digital Drum Kit

THB 8,490 ฿ 8,490


Digital Drum Kit

THB 12,300 ฿ 12,300


DM-210 is a new entry-level drum set, but it is equipped with all mesh drum pads.

THB 13,950 ฿ 13,950


กลองไฟฟ้า NUX DM5 Electronic Drums

THB 16,650 ฿ 16,650


Groove Production Hardware Control Surface

THB 6,200 ฿ 6,200


Bass Drum Pad for Electronic Drum

THB 1,800 ฿ 1,800


Hi Hat Control for DrumPad

THB 1,800 ฿ 1,800


Avatar DGAVT-PDLHH191 Hi-Hat , Kick Pedal for Avatar PD705 Percussion Pad

THB 990 ฿ 990


Avatar electronic drum kit is different compared to other E-drums in the market. It adopted with the patent of non-contact sensor system which is fixed on bottom of drum, instead of installed next to the head of drum. This system provides a high speed, equalized sound and more accurate striking response. Besides, with the unique mesh head construction, the elasticity of mesh head is more close to the acoustic drum head, and its dynamic range also wider than others.

THB 7,900 ฿ 7,900

Midiplus ED9 Pro MKII

Midiplus ED9 Pro MKII Electronic Drum -Drum Sound ModuleZ11 -Drum Kit Features -8” Dual trigger Mesh head Tom1-4 -10” Dual trigger Mesh head Snare -12” Rubber Dual trigger Hi-Ha/Crash1-2 cymbal with choke -12” Rubber 3 trigger Ride cymbal with choke -10” Mesh head kick & pedal -Real Hi-Hat control & pedal

THB 26,100 ฿ 26,100
THB 23,500 ฿ 23,500 -10%

Midiplus ED8 MKII

Midiplus ED8 MKII Electronic Drum -Drum Sound ModuleZ10 -Drum Kit Features -8” Mesh head Tom1-3 -10” Dual trigger Mesh head Snare -12” Rubber Dual trigger Ride/Crash cymbal with choke -12” Rubber Single trigger Hi-Hat cymbal. -Real Hi-Hat control & pedal -9” Rubber kick & pedal

THB 21,000 ฿ 21,000
THB 18,900 ฿ 18,900 -10%

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