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Bass Preamp / EQ / DI Box

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Our famous preamp pedal, in a smaller footprint!

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Your one-stop shop for bass tone-shaping, the Downtown Express bass multi-effect puts everything you need for killer bass tone right at your feet. All the bass essentials are there—compressor, 3-band EQ and overdrive—each switchable on its own, or you can use the Mute switch to kill the signal for silent tuning. The Direct Output makes it easy to integrate this pedal into any performance situation—stage or studio. We recognize that a truly powerful signal chain needs to be flexible, so we included a switch that lets you reorder the compressor and overdrive circuits to taste.

8,500 THB ฿ 8,500
7,650 THB ฿ 7,650 -10%

The Tech 21 Bass Fly Rig Bass multi-effects pedal gives players all the sonic necessities they need for great bass tone in a single, compact unit.

11,250 THB ฿ 11,250

A true hands-on professional, Steve Harris not only formed Iron Maiden (in 1975!),

11,250 THB ฿ 11,250

Much more than just a direct box, the SansAmp Bass Driver DI is capable of dialing up big vintage tube tones, bright modern slap sounds, gnarly distortions, and all in between. Three different outputs to drive power amps, recording desks, PA mixers, or simply enhance your current rig. Controls include Presence for definition and upper harmonic content; Blend to combine the proportion of direct signal and SansAmp circuitry; and active EQ specifically tuned for bass with 12dB of cut or boost.

7,560 THB ฿ 7,560

Wanting to streamline and simplify his gear for new projects, Geddy Lee partnered with Tech 21 to design a signature rackmount SansAmp, the GED-2112.

7,650 THB ฿ 7,650

Tech 21’s SansAmp circuitry lets you dial in everything from classic bass amp sound to modern bass rigs. Use the VT Bass DI’s character knob to conjure up fat, classic rigs that fill the low end of any recording or gig. Add rock ‘n roll grit to your tone with a twist of the drive knob. The Tech 21 SansAmp VT Bass DI lets you blend your original signal and your new tailored sound easily with the built-in blend control.

7,560 THB ฿ 7,560

The MXR Bass Overdrive is an original design that delivers warm, tube-like overdrive.

5,950 THB ฿ 5,950

By focusing the overdrive in the midrange frequencies, the Bass Blow Torch Distortion lets you retain low end thunder and high-end sizzle while distorted mids blaze a path through even the densest mix.

5,950 THB ฿ 5,950

The Jim Dunlop 105Q BASS WAH Bass Guitar Effect Pedal, Bass Wah Wah, White. Add growling, funky CryBaby dynamics to your bass sound.The Jim Dunlop 105Q BASS WAH Cry Baby pedal.

5,525 THB ฿ 5,525

THE LONG STORY The MXR Bass Preamp combines a pristine bass preamp with a studio-quality Direct Out in a Phase 90-sized box, providing clear tone without hogging precious pedalboard space.

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