Voltage selector, 115/230 volts 5 x 9VDC isolated outputs (120 mA each)

THB 4,500 ฿ 4,500
THB 3,150 ฿ 3,150 -30%


Mains input power plug, 3-pin standard plug Voltage selector, 115/230V Eight 9-volt DC output plugs, all sharing the same ground. Giving a total of 500mA 1x 12V DC output with isolated ground, giving 500mA 1x 12V AC output with isolated ground, giving 500mA Slow burning fuse 250V 250mA

THB 6,600 ฿ 6,600
THB 4,620 ฿ 4,620 -30%


5 outputs each with 300 mA (= 1500 mA) Output 5/6 choice of either 9/12v DC or 12v AC Choice of 9V DC, 12V DC, 12V AC or 18VDC -150mA Noise-cancelling galvanic isolated outputs Traditional EI Transformer Several different voltage types served Current doubler = the possibility of as much as 600 mA Switchable 115V or 230V Compact, rugged, road-ready design

THB 5,700 ฿ 5,700
THB 3,990 ฿ 3,990 -30%

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