FIFINE USB MICROPHONE -T669 The same fool-proof installation on Mac, Windows and PS4 (incompatible with Xbox). The same time-efficient setup with Discord, Twitch and OBS!  It is the lord who should stay in your studio. So you may not necessarily need the compatibility with iPhone & iPad by using a USB adapter for connection!All-metal body with sleek black finish has the same bloodline as all FIFINE series USB microphone.

2,450 THB ฿ 2,450

FIFINE K680 USB Microphone Condenser Plug and play USB recording microphone with 6.56-Foot USB Cable included for computer PC laptop that connects directly to USB port for record music, computer singing or podcast.

1,400 THB ฿ 1,400

FIFINE K669 USB MICROPHONE K669 is sensitive to full range of audible frequencies, with especially great highs gets the best clarity out of your voice. Consistent performance in gaming and video calls as well as podcasting and recording are ensured.

1,400 THB ฿ 1,400

FIFINE K678 USB MICROPHONE In FIFINE's latest USB mic, you will get the combination of practicality and playability with an LED indicator, mute button, volume dials and headphone jack!

2,890 THB ฿ 2,890

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